Meet Chef Ben Clark

chef ben at the tarratineChef Ben was born and raised in Hampden, Maine. Ben attended the United Technologies Center in Bangor, where he excelled in the culinary arts program. While attending UTC, he met his future wife, Kelsey. Together Ben and Kelsey have                  co-managed restaurants in the Bangor area and are an energetic and highly creative team.

Ben has worked in the Bangor area for 10+ years, honing his culinary skills and passion for creating delicious and innovative dishes. Chef Ben strives to find the freshest ingredients using multiple local businesses that help to meet that goal.

The Tarratine, with its rich history and many cozy dining nooks, makes for a unique dining experience. That, coupled with timeless classics like chateaubriand and steak Diane,  make for an unforgettable dining experience.

Chef Ben runs a tight niche staff in the kitchen, keeping positivity and education at the forefront of his leadership position. In addition to his executive chef position at the Tarratine, Chef Ben is a first-time father as he and Kelsey welcomed Charlotte Rose into the world at the end of May 2021.

chef ben at the tarratine
chef ben at the tarratine
chef ben at the tarratine