The Sunset Key Martini and the Midnight Lemonade are only a few of the new Spring Drinks at the Tarratine

Ryan, our in-house mixologist, has been in a creative mood developing a new spring cocktail menu for your enjoyment.  We have tasted and tweaked…and tasted and tweaked some more, to create perfection. We know that you are going to love them!  Here is a sneak peak….

The Sunset Key….

First, its color… a beautiful mixture of orange and pink that reminds you of a sunset only seen on vacation. Second, the taste…. Titos is always a great start….then add a little Grand Marnier along with fresh grapefruit juice. Grenadine along with the raw sugar rim keeps the perfect balance of flavors. It is not too tart, not too sweet and tastes like more……you will have to try it to believe it!! #SunsetKey

The Midnight Lemonade….

Smooth, simple…and dangerous!  Sicilian Lemonade and Pinnacle Berry Vodka…rimed with sugar in the raw. The frozen blueberries give it a mysterious look….One is not enough, and three is too many! #MidnightLemonade

The Cucumber Crush….

Fresh, light and delicious!  Muddled cucumber, Tangueray, simple syrup, lime, and tonic.                          
Stay tuned….there is more!!!