What to expect when you join us for dinner at the Tarratine?

Dinner at the Tarratine is an experience that is unexpected. The historical and elegant atmosphere may cause you to pause at first, but once you enter the front door the great spirit of the building wraps you in its arms, and you feel at ease. Most people mention that they have been transported to a different time or place and wonder why they have waited to visit. The grandeur adds to the experience, and the masculine feel of the club rooms add to the comfort. Drop your cares and your coat at the front door, and explore the upper levels. The second floor is where our main bar and three dining rooms are located.  These rooms were the original locker room for the club members, the cribbage room, library and the grand ballroom.Each of the rooms is available to rent for private dining and we can cater to privacy for 2 to 50.

The third level you will find our game rooms.  In the billiard room, we have a 9-foot Olhousen table In the second game room you will find ping pong, pinball, foosball, table shuffleboard, super Chex ice hockey and skittle bowl.  During the warmer months, our rooftop deck is open with breathtaking views of Bangor.  Once you are finished exploring you can make your way to the dining room where your table awaits. Seated, our service team takes over to deliver the delicacies prepared by the Tarratine Chefs and kitchen team.